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Film Music Update

Film Music 2.0 After listening to the older version of the film score sample a few times, I thought „maybe I should make it more cinematic/orchestral“. So I opened the project in Cubase 12, clicked „save as“ and tore apart the whole score. I added more horns, strings, more variations and „orchestral“ sounding phrases and rhythms. More epicness, playfulness, danger, romance and energy. And this just goes to show, once again, how important it is to let a piece of music rest and only work on it again after some time has passed. I was quite satisfied with the first

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LOCOMUSIC is online

I’m super happy to finally present my brand new website Here you’ll find examples of different music genres, a portfolio with a variety of movies I composed music for. My goal is to offer unique, individual composings for all kind of media. Stay tuned. Cheers!

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