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We transform your vision into unique soundscapes, individual music and creative sound designs.

Whether for films, games, advertising or personal projects - locomusic creates acoustic pieces that are precisely tailored to your needs.

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Every movie deserves a unique musical accompaniment that highlights its emotions and stories. At Locomusic, we compose custom film music that is perfectly aligned with the visual narrative. From dramatic orchestral sounds to subtle soundscapes, our compositions enhance the cinematic experience and help build a deeper connection with the audience.

The music in a video game is crucial for the atmosphere and the gaming experience. Our composers at Locomusic create captivating and immersive soundtracks that immerse players into the world of the game. Whether it’s epic adventures, relaxed puzzle games, or action-packed battles – we provide the soundtrack that brings your game worlds to life.

At Locomusic, we believe that the feel of any space can be redefined through customized soundscapes. Our sound installations create unique acoustic environments that not only transform spaces but also the way people experience them. Whether for art galleries, public spaces, or private collections, we provide tailored musical landscapes that are precisely aligned with the needs and character of each location.

In the world of escape rooms, every detail counts to create a gripping and unforgettable experience. Music plays a central role by intensifying the atmosphere and strengthening the players‘ emotional connection to the story. Here at locomusic, we understand the importance of custom music compositions specifically developed for your escape room.

Good sound design is both an art and a science. It creates an acoustic environment that adds realism and depth. At Locomusic, we craft detailed and lifelike sound effects for films, video games, and other multimedia projects. From subtle background noises to striking sound effects – our sound design enriches every project with an additional dimension.

  • Film Music Theme_by Joschua Hohenbrink

  • "Videogame Example_MP3". Veröffentlicht: 2021.

  • "Explain Video Theme_3". Veröffentlicht: 2022.

  • „Mandala and Shapes_7“. Veröffentlicht: 2022.

Award winning

My short movie Aqui Estoy at film festival Festivalito on La Palma won a price for the music I composed.

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