Traveling between worlds, like our little astronaut here, is a great comparison with my way of working: not linearly focused on one specific goal, but widely scattered and interdisciplinary.


With LOCOBIRD I offer the media hungry world my expertise and technical understanding for film, animation, web and graphic design since 2016. However, I never stopped making music, since sound design is one of my first passions.


With LOCOMUSIC I, Joschua Hohenbrink, want to offer individual and custom-made music, for your next image movie, advertising trailer, animated explainer film, video game and so forth, no matter which genre and style.


It has become very easy to find good music for little money on the Internet. But the music does not always do justice to the product. It only becomes a real unique product with its own signature if the music was composed exactly for it.


Give it a try and compare! If you don’t like it, money-back guarantee.



Joschua Hohenbrink

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  • „LoFi_4“. Veröffentlicht: 2022.

  • "Morning Pan". Veröffentlicht: 2021.
Morning Pan
Down Tempo/Ambient

  • „Happy Flute_2“. Veröffentlicht: 2022.
Happy Flute

*By downloading LoFi, Morning Pan and/or Happy Flute you automatically agree to the following usage rights:

The music may be used in personal and non-commercial projects if you credit the producer, Joschua Hohenbrink, and link to his website: locomusic.de. If you want to use the music in commercial projects, please contact me and we will make an agreement that suits you.